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I am a twenty-something Software Engineer working in Dayton, Ohio.

Opinions on Writing Documentation

I’ve been writing a lot of documentation recently; I know I’ve gotten more opinionated about the topic. Documentation is not one size fits all Ideally all the documentation should be great, but it needs to be most relevant for the target audience. Developers get irritated by missing details that, if included, would bore management or […]

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Chocolate IPA Brew Notes

This brew was another experiment; I wanted to try something new. 1 lb. Muntons Chocolate Malt 6.6 lbs Briess Sparkling Amber LME 1 oz. Cascade Pellet Hops at 60 Minutes 1 oz. Cascade Pellet Hops at 20 Minutes 1 oz. Cascade Pellet Hops at 3 Minutes 1 Smack Pack of Wyeast American Ale yeast My […]

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Scotch Barrel Scottish 70 Shilling Recipe and Notes

I had the hankering to brew again, and I wanted to try something different. I’ve been interested in brewing a Scottish 70/- or 80/- for a while. It sounded similar to the English bitters I like, but different enough to branch out a bit. There is one more wrinkle I threw in there – I […]

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The Apps I Use On The LG Optimus V: Music and Media

It’s been a month and a half since I first rooted my Optimus V. As I’ve gotten more comfortable with the device, the software I use daily has changed a bit, so I figured I would run through my current set up. First, I’ve stopped using nearly all of the optimization software I installed shortly […]

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Optimus V Battery Drain Quirk

I’m still getting used to my Optimus, but I must say that the experience has been mostly positive. Since getting the phone, I’ve been plagued by an occasional extremely short battery life – like five hours to go from a full charge, to a dead battery. I though I had the problem cleared up after […]

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