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Cool Little Projects

Like a lot of folks, I’m pretty good at coming up with ideas for ‘cool little projects’. Not revolutionary business ideas or incredibly complex applications, but little things that I think I could leverage to learn a new skill, pad a resume, or (re)establish connections. Also like a lot of folks, I’m terrible at actually […]

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A few handy Windows utilities

I spend the vast majority of my time at work within Visual Studio 2005. Spending so much time in a glorified text editor has caused me to be a keyboard-oriented computer user. Anything that allows me to work without reaching for the mouse (or even moving my hands away from the home row or arrow […]

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No 100 Words post today

I’ve been writing some to figure out the Shard Warden backstory, but nothing that I want to publish at the moment.

An opportunity missed, again.

I own the domain, and I’ve let yet another election season go by without doing anything with it. I would love to do something with it, but I’m not sure how to best utilize the resource. If you have a suggestion, I would be happy to take it. Or, if you have a rockin’ […]

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Appliance Adventures!

I just finished my first 24 hour RPG for 1,000 Monkeys, 1,000 Typewriters. The theme was “Mr. toaster needs a soul.” I ended up writing a narrative-style teamwork and exploration focused RPG. It isn’t done, but it is a decent start. You can get it here: Appliance Adventures