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Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Reviews: Oct/Nov 2007 Edition

This will be a link post, containing links to all of the reviews for the Oct/Nov issue of F&SF. Novellas The Bird Shaman’s Girl, by Judith Moffett Novelets Against the Current, by Robert Silverberg The Diamond Shadow, by Fred Chappell The Recreation Room, by Albert E. Cowdrey Urdumheim, by Michael Swanwick Short Stories The Star […]

F&SF MiniReviews: Against the Current, by Robert Silverberg

Against the Current, by Robert Silverberg is a quick read made even quicker through an excellent pacing. The story revolves around Phil Rackman, the fifty-seven year old owner of a Toyota dealership in the San Francisco Bay area. Mr. Rackman is a very normal individual thrown into extraordinary circumstances. Without any warning (beyond a sudden […]

F&SF Mini-Review: Postscript

Kevin Haw, the author of Requirements for the Mythology Merit Badge, commented on this post*; he made a few points which I figured I would reiterate here. Also, reading over my coverage, I realized I missed a few things. I didn’t notice it at first, but there is a serious lack of ads in the […]

F&SF Mini-Reviews: Rest of the issue Edition

I just finished reading the September issue of the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. If We Can Save Just One Child…, by Robert Reed was an excellent observation and criticism of the one percent doctrine (the concept, not the book) and the culture of fear built up around it. In the story, we meet […]

F&SF Mini-Reviews: 3 Pack

Atalanta Loses at the Interpantheonic Trivia Bee was a cute little romantic comedy with a mythological backdrop by Heather Lindsley. This was a fun story; it got a few smiles from me. Honestly, it would probably have gotten many more if I was a little more versed in myth. For me, Episode Seven: Last Stand […]