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F&SF Mini-Review: Postscript

Kevin Haw, the author of Requirements for the Mythology Merit Badge, commented on this post*; he made a few points which I figured I would reiterate here. Also, reading over my coverage, I realized I missed a few things. I didn’t notice it at first, but there is a serious lack of ads in the […]

F&SF Mini-Reviews: Rest of the issue Edition

I just finished reading the September issue of the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. If We Can Save Just One Child…, by Robert Reed was an excellent observation and criticism of the one percent doctrine (the concept, not the book) and the culture of fear built up around it. In the story, we meet […]

F&SF Mini-Reviews: 3 Pack

Atalanta Loses at the Interpantheonic Trivia Bee was a cute little romantic comedy with a mythological backdrop by Heather Lindsley. This was a fun story; it got a few smiles from me. Honestly, it would probably have gotten many more if I was a little more versed in myth. For me, Episode Seven: Last Stand […]

F&SF Mini-Review: Envoy Extraordinary

The second story in the issue was Envoy Extraordinary, by Albert E. Cowdrey. This darkly comedic story was more of a slice of life of a future diplomat from a much degraded, indulgent, and morally vacuous, Earth. The piece provided a brief exploration of a setting; the characters were more unlikable inhabitants than fleshed-out characters. […]

Review: Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine, September 2007

I wasted a fair amount of my youth reading science fiction. I had a voracious appetite for fiction of all sorts, but my science fiction was my soft spot. Once I hit high school and real life started catching up, that habit tapered off. I still have the occasional relapse, but nothing like the golden […]