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F&SF MiniReview: Four Pack

I found Two Weeks After, by M. Ramsey Chapman, to be an entertaining and a little humorous ghost story. The story revolves around two victims of a car crash, Jack, a taxi driver, and April, his passenger at the time of the wreck. The two get a chance to interact with/haunt their spouses one last […]

F&SF MiniReview: The Bird Shaman’s Girl by Judith Moffett

The Bird Shaman’s Girl was the longest piece in this issue. Like The Diamond Shadow, it is helped greatly by the sense of it being a single facet of a universe. In this story, the universe which involves a race of aliens known as the Hefn invading Earth. The story centers on Pam Pruitt, a […]

F&SF MiniReview: The Recreation Room by Albert E. Cowdrey

The Recreation Room, by Albert E. Cowdrey was an interesting piece that reads like a first hand account of a survivor of hurricane Katrina. The fantasy elements are minimal; they could almost be taken as coincidence. The piece reads like a character study of Jim Guest, the protagonist. I have not read any fictional accounts […]

F&SF MiniReview: The Star to Every Wandering Barque, by James Stoddard

This piece brought a smile to my face. It was an interesting read; less a story than a ‘what-if’ scenario. The scenario is ‘What if, in an instant, everyone on Earth became enlightened?’ Enlightened is a loaded word, but I believe it to be the best one. Everyone is suddenly unselfish, loving of self and […]

F&SF MiniReview: The Diamond Shadow, by Fred Chappell

What I enjoyed most about The Diamond Shadow was the fullness of the background. I have not read any of Fred Chappell’s other excursions into this universe; but I get the sense that this is familiar terrain. This is certainly not (in this case) a bad thing. For those of you who have not been […]