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Mac 2.0, or Mourning the Lost

Over the past few days, I have been receiving my new computer, piecemeal. I loved my laptop, a 1.0 GHz iBook, but it was time to move on. A couple of factors spurred the purchase: My younger brother just started college, and needed (read: wanted) a swank laptop on the cheap. I’ve felt a little […]

Now with 100% more ads!

As I’ve said a few times, the purpose of this blog is really to learn more about web development and cool new technologies. Given that, I decided to put some Google ads on the site. While I may have dreams of one day retiring rich from my job as the next Rupert Murdoch media mogul. […]

Podcast 0.

Here is the zeroth episode of the podcast. Zero as in content, zero as in importance, zero as in amount of music played. But, it is a start. Hopefully One won’t suck as much.

Candied Brain changes

I’ve been fiddling again. I’ve added the podPress plugin to my installation. Currently, I’m just putting my readings from LibriVox, but should be changing over time. I also tried my hand at creating a logo: I whipped it up in Inkscape. Pretty basic, but I had some fun working on it. Now, I need to […]

Expanding My Horizons

Welcome to Candied Brain. This site is my first serious attempt to create a webpage. This WordPress installation will most likely be a temporary; I wanted something to live here while I work. Despite its transitory nature, this page should not remain empty. Whether that is good or bad will be seen.