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All Quiet on the Blog Front…

Looking back at the calendar widget in the sidebar, I see that my posting to this site has been dwindling over the last month. I figure I speak for everyone when I say that’s a good thing. I don’t have that much interesting to say on a daily basis. This blog was a good way […]

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Run for your life…

The past few days, I’ve felt a bit unproductive at work; not because I wasn’t getting things done, but because I wasn’t getting things done – as in ‘off my plate for the foreseeable future’ done. I decided that I was going to make significant progress on one thing today. If possible, I’d finish it. […]

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(Anti-) Social Bookmarking

I never had a account. I guess the urge to create one never survived long enough to make it through signing up for a Yahoo account.* Today I got the urge to find some way to share links from this site. Preferably something hassle free, customizable, and low maintenance. I’m not sure I found […]

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Progress, Notes, and Other Miscellany

I enjoyed taking a break from the computer over the weekend. Despite the lack of the digital crutch, I managed to keep up with the 100words project. I didn’t write anything that I think should be a post – yet – but I wanted to briefly look at what I was thinking about. I spent […]

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Offline For A Bit

I’ll be visiting relatives over a long weekend, and I don’t expect to have net access. I still plan on writing, but it’ll be in my ol’ paper notebook instead of here. I’m looking forward to this as an experiment – I like the idea of writing in a notebook, but I’ve never been able […]

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