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Brainstorming, Colonel Kurtz, and Missions from God

I spent yesterday evening working on my neighbor’s computer. I knew I wouldn’t feel like posting anything later, so as the virus scans, defrags, and standard Windows first aid were doing their thing, I was brainstorming. I revisited the 1km1kt movie list to see if I could find anything else that struck me as fun […]

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The February Round of the 2011 Ronnies begins

The latest round of the 2011 Ronnies kicked off on February 3rd. Like the last round, this one requires the participants to use two of the four ‘ingredients’ and to avoid using the rest. The ingredients are : whisper, wings, murder, and morning. My first inclination would be to use whisper and murder. A game […]

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More Software Ideas – Barcode Emailing and Dupefinding

These ideas should be filed under ‘probably won’t write, but sound interesting’. Barcode Emailing I want to manage my email preferences and loyalty program information for businesses via scanning a barcode in the store. For example, if I am standing in line at Qdoba, why don’t they have a QR Code tied to their mailing […]

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Rewriting makes you stronger

I’ve spent the last month writing something for myself everyday, but most of it was not edited at all (or even reread, in some cases). Now that I’ve proven to myself that I can write daily, I need to start writing better everyday. I expect that my posts will get shorter for a little while […]

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1km1kt 24 Hour RPG design Contest, Movie Mashup Edition

Here is the list of possible movies to mash up from the thread: 1. Ghostbusters 2. West Side Story 3. Aliens 4. The Lion King 5. Star Wars 6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show 7. Enter the Dragon 8. A Clockwork Orange 9. Beetle Juice 10. Back to the Future 11. Apocalypse Now 12. Blade […]

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