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Optimus V Battery Drain Quirk

I’m still getting used to my Optimus, but I must say that the experience has been mostly positive. Since getting the phone, I’ve been plagued by an occasional extremely short battery life – like five hours to go from a full charge, to a dead battery. I though I had the problem cleared up after […]

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Appliance Adventures!

I just finished my first 24 hour RPG for 1,000 Monkeys, 1,000 Typewriters. The theme was “Mr. toaster needs a soul.” I ended up writing a narrative-style teamwork and exploration focused RPG. It isn’t done, but it is a decent start. You can get it here: Appliance Adventures

Bailing wire and duct tape…

Okay, no one breath on the site funny. It appears that everything is functioning correctly for the moment. It appears that I had a few unclosed tags in my post code, and that caused the shambles you could see on the site a few minutes ago. Don’t worry, I still plan on redoing the site […]

Failure? Success? More the first than the second I believe.

So, I went ahead and upgraded my WordPress installation. As you can probably tell by the drab tones, and the distinct lack of the candy-coated skull, I b0rked my theme and ran back to the ol’ classic style.I guess it was about time to do a redesign.� I would have preferred to set my own […]

Playing God-Wiki style

Just saw this link on BoingBoing. Galaxiki is a collaborative fictional galaxy. A randomly generated galaxy to serve as a canvas for story creation? How cool is that? I haven’t yet created an account, but I have done a little exploring, and I like what I see. The site gives lots of crunchy data on […]