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Bailing wire and duct tape…

Okay, no one breath on the site funny. It appears that everything is functioning correctly for the moment. It appears that I had a few unclosed tags in my post code, and that caused the shambles you could see on the site a few minutes ago. Don’t worry, I still plan on redoing the site […]

Failure? Success? More the first than the second I believe.

So, I went ahead and upgraded my WordPress installation. As you can probably tell by the drab tones, and the distinct lack of the candy-coated skull, I b0rked my theme and ran back to the ol’ classic style.I guess it was about time to do a redesign.� I would have preferred to set my own […]

Now with 100% fewer ads!

I decided to remove the Google AdSense bar component from the top of the page. I have a few reasons for doing this, but the biggest one is simple: the ads added no value to the site. I never expected to actually make money from them, but there is no way I would with those […]

Now with 100% more ads!

As I’ve said a few times, the purpose of this blog is really to learn more about web development and cool new technologies. Given that, I decided to put some Google ads on the site. While I may have dreams of one day retiring rich from my job as the next Rupert Murdoch media mogul. […]

Down the rabbit hole…

So, I’ve sorta thrown myself into the Adobe Web Development environment. I’m going through the basics of Dreamweaver and Flash right now. I’ll withhold judgement for the time being. I’m not sure if I like Dreamweaver, I’ve been hacking (poorly, usually) at websites for a while, and a new IDE has my danger sense tingling. […]