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The 2011 Ronnies

I enjoy RPG design (sometimes more than playing RPGS). To that end, I will probably enter the 2011 Ronnies, if the first round isn’t closed by this weekend. The Ronnies is like a Game Chef/24 Hour RPG challenge hybrid: Twenty-four hours to complete, using only two of the ‘ingredient’ words. Ron Edwards (uber-game designer and host) decided to run the competition until he receives nine entries plus twenty four hours: When he receives the ninth entry, the competition will close in twenty four hours. As of right now, there are 3 entries already.

As much fun as Game Chef was (Chaos Lords and the Desert of Death was my entry), I like the twenty-four hour time limit. The ingredients are wonderfully generic: Sword, old, soldier, and skull. I’ve thrown around most of those combinations, and come up with (what I think to be) interesting game concepts. I’ve basically settled on using old and sword.