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Too slow…

As of midnight today, the Ronnies entered their twenty-four hour deadline. I guess I won’t be able to enter this round. I still may write the game, as I was really getting into concept I was brainstorming. Whether I write it or not, I wanted to share the concept here:

The Shard Wardens or The God Blades
Shard Wardens is a mix of Fred Saberhagen’s Book of Swords novels, Highlander, Harry Potter, and maybe a dash of Pokemon. Instead of innate magical ability, the characters possess a shard of the sword of a great Fae king from millenia ago. Each shard is imbued with the personality and abilities of one of the foes slain by the blade. There are prophesies saying that the King will return to rule the world if the pieces of his blade are ever reunited.

The characters are students of a school run by a cabal that is trying to bring about the King’s return. The students can utilize the shards they command, but the more they use them, the more in-sync they find themselves with the personality inhabiting the blade.

In short, the game is about the friendship, conspiracy, paranoia, and kewl powerz.