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To Fae or not to Fae…

I’m not sure the Unformed King should be a Fae. I don’t know if the Fae are the correct source of antagonism for the game. The King should be a magical foe of some sort, he needs to have a kingdom, and he needs to have killed lots of crazy critters.

Part of my concern is the vast difference in perceptions of the Fae. I was coming at them primarily from the D&D 4th edition – essentially weird and wild natural magic users inhabiting a plane near our own. But that is far from the default view of the Fae. If you don’t believe me, just do a search for “Fae Kingdom” and see how many pink and purple, midi-playing, animated-sparkling .gif containing Tinkerbell-type Fae sites. I wasn’t planning on spending a lot of time defining a new vision of the Fae, because they are sort of tangential to the game – only the King and the beast he killed really matter. How much time should I spend describing a dead empire?