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Appliance Adventures Rework

I’ve had the hankering to rework Appliance Adventures for a while now. I didn’t have much that I wanted to write about this evening, so I figured I would rewrite and reorganize the introduction to the game a bit. I’m not abandoning Shard Wardens, but I think that idea needs some more time to evolve before I write it. It seems big.

Chaos Lords was written entirely within Google Docs. The rework of Appliance Adventures probably will be too. If you are interested in seeing the document, you can view it here.

Appliance Adventures suffered from a late-stage concept shift that caused the first version to be very unfocused. Originally called Emergent Property, I was stuck on trying to make talking and walking kitchen appliances a product of real-world science, engineering, and kitchen design trends. I stretched the concept beyond what I considered worthy of suspending disbelief, and decided to fall back on leaving the reason for sentience undefined. This is less science fiction and more Disney, and the text needs to be cleaned up to represent that.

Appliance Adventures is a story-oriented role-playing game (RPG) where the players take on the roles of intelligent household appliances. Appliance Adventures was designed for players of all ages, including younger children. If they can tell a semi-coherent story and enjoy games, they may enjoy Appliance Adventures. This document, pencils, some colored tokens, and six-sided dice are all that are needed to begin your own Appliance Adventure!

The default setting for Appliance Adventures is assumed to be suburban America in the mid-2000s. This is mostly for ease of description. There isn’t anything in the game that depends on this; any time or place (as long as there appliances) could be used.

Games of Appliance Adventures are exercises in teamwork, improvisation, and exploration in a world full of wonder. The Player Appliances are naive explorers, making their way in a alien world. They will be ill-equipped to handle the real world, but this is not a hindrance. Consider it a call to creatively engage the world as a group that is greater than the sum of its parts.

There are examples woven throughout Appliance Creation and the Mechanics sections. These examples appear in italics.