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Projects & Priorities: Game Design

No, I’m not designing a Dungeons & Dragons clone for productivity geeks. I tend to be very closed about ideas that I want to develop, but I feel that should change. Only by explaining an idea can you realize how stupid it sounds. So to do that, I’m going to use this blog as a sounding board to help cull the list of projects that keep me frantically jumping from thing to thing.

Today’s list will just be the game design stuff, because there is quite a bit of it to air out. These aren’t in any particular order; I’ll save the prioritization for later.

  • Rework Appliance Adventures. My first game is in pretty rough shape. I need to rewrite it to make it something worth playing.
  • Rework Chaos Lords. I don’t think it is quite as rough as AA, but it still needs a lot of work. Right now, it is basically one very simple mechanic, and an evocative but under-developed setting.
  • Write Shard Wardens. A cool idea, with no substance behind it. I can see it sitting between the completely teamwork focused-AA and the rock-star nihilism of Chaos Lords. The idea of the game makes me excited.
  • The next 1km1kt 24-Hour RPG contest. As much as I should focus on the ideas I’ve already started, I learned a lot writing my two previous games, and I think staring at the blank page is conducive to learning a different set of skills than editing something you already have done. Not that one is better than the other, but new games are more fun.
  • Herman Scribble. Right now, Herman Scribble is nothing. Herman Scribble was an idea for an iPhone game I had a while back. It is like the old Lucas Arts adventure games, mixed with top-down CRPGs, starring someone like the goofy kid from Up. The idea was that each task would be framed in a merit badge for a Boy Scout-esque organization. Fighting off an alien invasion = Astronomy merit badge.