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Projects & Priorities: Software Development

Here is part two of the airing out of my projects list. This time, I’m going to list all the little programming projects I’ve either started or would like to start. I’m a software developer by day, so I view a lot of problems as software-solvable.

  • This blog. I like the cleanness of the Thematic theme, but I would like to Candy-fy it a bit (more than just the hot pink a:hover settings). I also have toyed around with making this site more of an online hub for myself, with links, photos, etc.
  • I also run the whois lookup service at Looking at the logs, I’m the only one using it, too. I think the concept of a kinder, simpler domain name checker is valid, but it needs to do more than it does currently.
  • The site depends heavily on the pywhois open source library. I’ve made a small contribution to the project, but I’ve got more significant changes that I’m running, that I have yet to recommit. They need more testing before I’ll be comfortable with them.
  • VotedBy.Us is another domain that I own. Right now, there is nothing there, basically because I don’t know what to do with it. I like the domain and I would like to do something with it, but I’m stumped. If any of you have an idea for the site, I’d be happy to either work with you or just hand it over.
  • I have a tolerate/hate relationship with iTunes. A few months ago, I had my library become corrupted, and my attempts to fix it made it much worse. I’ve recovered most of the music, but it lives across two machines, in a few different iTunes libraries. I was shocked to discover that there was not a good Beyond Compare-like folder compare utility that could handle large directories well. I use Beyond Compare at work, on a 5 Gb source tree and it doesn’t even break a sweat. With the advent of the Mac App Store, I’ve wondered about writing one myself.
  • And there we have it. I have other interests like brewing beer and home repair, but game design and software development are my two biggies. Now that I have both of those lists out here, I plan on going through them, prioritizing them, and hopefully getting them done.