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Single-Hop Special Bitter Bottling Notes

I bottled the SHSB this evening, and I figured this would be a good place to put the notes:
I overestimated the temperature of our basement. I think I caused the yeast to settle prematurely due to cold temperatures. The final gravity was 1.012, which puts the alcohol content at just shy of 4%. I was expecting a little higher, and I could taste a fair amount of malt sweetness still in the beer. Unfortunately, I think fermenting at the lower end of the range for the Nottingham yeast caused a lack of ester production expected in an English-style ale.

It tasted rather bitter – I may have overdone the bittering addition when I should have added a flavor addition.

I am bottle carbonating/conditioning the batch with 1/2 cup of boiled corn sugar. We’ll see if the flavor evens out a bit with a little time in the bottle.

I’m already making a wish list of things to get before I brew again. I would like to get some blowoff tubing to try using the 5 gallon carboy instead of the 6 gallon plastic pail. I’ve scrubbed and bleached repeatedly, and I still notice a bit of a worty smell. I would like to try making a yeast starter from liquid yeast – to this point, I’ve only used dry yeast. Unless I change my mind, I think I’ll try brewing an Arrogant Bastard clone next.