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More Software Ideas – Barcode Emailing and Dupefinding

These ideas should be filed under ‘probably won’t write, but sound interesting’.

Barcode Emailing
I want to manage my email preferences and loyalty program information for businesses via scanning a barcode in the store. For example, if I am standing in line at Qdoba, why don’t they have a QR Code tied to their mailing list and some coupons? With the proliferation of smart phones and the trendiness of location aware computing, I believe something like this is inevitable. Furthermore, I think there will be a huge business opportunity in building and supplying the infrastructure for QR Code-based loyalty systems and email lists.

Better Dupefinding
This idea is much less ambitious. I would like a better/more powerful/more flexible ‘dupe finder’ on the Mac. iTunes provides basic dupefinding functionality, but it should be better. The functionality shouldn’t be limited to iTunes, either. I would love a utility like this to organize and consolidate my PDFs and other documents.