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Ed Emberley’s Art Books

My wife and I were out looking for a gift for her godson the other evening. She knew she wanted to get a drawing book of some sort. We scoured our local Books & Co., but most of what we found were either way too advanced for a six year old or “activity books” – a mish-mash of coloring sheets and pages with a part that the kid is supposed to draw in. I dunno about you, but I liked drawing for myself, not filling in what the coloring book wanted me to draw.

Make A World

Anyway, I had this vague recollection of a step by step drawing book that I loved when I was younger. It was super simple – I remembered a lot of stick people, but the book made drawing a lot of things really simple. For some reason, the name of the book and the author completely escaped me. After a half hour or so of searching, we decided to make one more quick look through the pile of activity books before giving up and finding something on Amazon. That was when we ran across Ed Emberley’s Make a World and his Drawing Book of Animals. These were just what we were looking for! I didn’t own them when I was younger, but I checked them out from the library quite a few times. We bought both of the books on the spot, and I might go back and buy a copy for myself too.