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The February Round of the 2011 Ronnies begins

The latest round of the 2011 Ronnies kicked off on February 3rd. Like the last round, this one requires the participants to use two of the four ‘ingredients’ and to avoid using the rest. The ingredients are : whisper, wings, murder, and morning.

My first inclination would be to use whisper and murder. A game where the players know some ancient words of power that can kill with a whisper. What sort of team mechanic would exist if any of those around you could kill you with a stray word? It wouldn’t qualify as an RPG, but could work as a reskin of the old game Are You A Werewolf.

A second route I might take would be to do a game about crows, using wings and murder. Looking at the Wikipedia article, it seems like crows could make an interesting topic for a game.