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Getting There: A Short Term Goal

The more I write here, the more I see the habits and tics that I perpetually fall into. I find myself over-promising, over-analyzing, and under-releasing. If Appliance Adventures was software, it would be suffering from some serious feature creep at this point. To counteract that bad habit, I’m giving myself a short term goal: Version 1.2 of Appliance Adventures will be posted to this site by Sunday, February 13th. As simple as that.

What exactly does that entail?
I’m not going to get into specifics – that is how I get into this situation to begin with – but I would like to have a good portion of what I’ve discussed recently. This includes (provisionally):

  • The Creative Commons License information I’ve discussed.
  • The rule changes I discussed here.
  • Maybe some information on organizing an adventure.

One of the benefits to24 Hour RPG design competitions is the serious time limitation. Consider this my 36 Hours To Make My Game Suck Less personal goal.