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-100words and Mending the Chain

Version 1.2 of Appliance Adventures is coming along nicely. I’m not sure I’ve added a 100 new words to the manuscript, but I’ve removed at least that many that didn’t need to be there, so I’m saying mission accomplished, as far as that goes. :)

I must say that it feels good to be working with this game again. Shortly after writing it, I convinced myself that I would probably never play it – it would be too awkward to work with. While it was a bit awkward on its first run through, I believe it has plenty of potential. I keep finding myself distracted from the current work of writing by the future work of laying it out and illustrating it.

As an aside, I received a complimentary copy of Unbroken Chain (mentioned here) from its author, Jeff Lewis. I’ve got my 100words project in there now, and I’m thinking of additional things to put in there. I’ll post a full review here after I have a few days of use under my belt.