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Unbroken Chain: The Review

I want to point out that I received a free copy of the app.

Extremely simple with limited functionality, Unbroken Chain is what I would call an ‘idea app’. It is a goal setting application with a single-minded focus on one thing: keeping track of the number of consecutive days you meet a goal.

The Chain, Broken

Miss a day, and the counter goes back to zero. Consecutive days doesn’t mean seven days a week, you can set up a goal for as many or as few days per week as you need. I love the sheer simplicity of this idea. I’m not a fan or proponent of any of the intricate systems people use to accomplish things or keep themselves motivated. Any tool I use must be simple and keep out of the way – thoughts spent on maintaining the system are wasted on not getting things done.

I’ve been using the application for about a week now, and I will continue using it. There are, however, a few improvements I would like to suggest.

  • Despite not having using audio in the app, loading it pauses iTunes. I would imagine this is an easy bug to squash.
  • I would love to have the unmet goals for the day super-imposed on the Unbroken Chain icon in the home screen, like unread email on the Mail app. This reminder would be a great way of keeping on top of things even when I’m not thinking about it.
  • I think more could be done with the goal selection screen. Including the consecutive days counter on the line with the goal name, or even a button to mark the goal as accomplished on the line would be helpful.

Room for Improvement

Essentially, I really like this app; it just needs to do a better job of getting out of the way. I would recommend this app to those of you who have problems keeping up with long-term goals, but who also dislike ornate methodologies for getting things done.

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  1. Jeff Lewis | February 15, 2011 at 10:22 pm | Permalink

    Thank you so much for your kind review. I think that correcting the audio bug and implementing the suggestions you’ve made would definitely improve the app’s overall experience.

    Apple is currently reviewing an update that contains a serious bug fix, but once that’s out the door, I hope to begin implementing these items.

    Thanks again,