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It’s All About Iterating: Appliance Adventures 1.2

I’ve released Version 1.2 of Appliance Adventures into the wild. This is an evolutionary release – it incorporates feedback from the last playtest session into the document, as well as generally cleaning things up a bit.

While I’m happy with the progress, Appliance Adventures is far from done. This is the first version that my wife has read through; she gave me some good feedback. Most of her feedback was related to document organization and wordiness. These items will need to be addressed in version 1.3. I feel some of my organizational issues would be mitigated by using a decent text layout tool, so this may be the final version that exists primarily as a Google Doc. I’m not sure what I’ll move to yet, but I will start investigating the free and cheaper applications for document layout in the coming weeks.

I believe version 1.2 will be the official version for a while; I don’t want to iterate on the game again until I get a chance to run another playtest – don’t fix something if you don’t know if it is broken. This is a good thing; it will give me a chance to look at something else for a bit.