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Brainstorming, Colonel Kurtz, and Missions from God

I spent yesterday evening working on my neighbor’s computer. I knew I wouldn’t feel like posting anything later, so as the virus scans, defrags, and standard Windows first aid were doing their thing, I was brainstorming.

I revisited the 1km1kt movie list to see if I could find anything else that struck me as fun to write and play. I’m having a few misgivings regarding my original idea of Blade Runner and Evil Dead. Basically I’m not sure my concept pulled in enough of from the Evil Dead side of the equation. I was basically planning on taking the idea of the possessed from that movie and grafting it over the Replicant concept from Blade Runner.

The first thing I tried to do was roll randomly on the list, but it took me eleven tries to come up with Beetlejuice and Groundhog Day – the first combination where I had seen both halves. I’m not sure there is a game there, but if there is, I don’t want to write it. After that, I decided to just pick a movie I had seen and use that as my first element. I played with two movies this way, Apocalypse Now and The Lion King.

I loved Apocalypse Now when I first saw it, and I think it could make for some really weird gaming material. I tried matching it with a large chunk of the list of movies without much success, until I got to Robin Hood. Then it dawned on me: Colonel Kurtz = Robin Hood! The players would play a group of English knights sent on a mission to kill Robin Hood – a noble who had lost his way and, through sheer force of personality, installed himself up as a god in Sherwood Forest. I think turning the Robin Hood mythos on its head could be lots of fun, but I’m not sure it is in the spirit of the competition. Is Movie A’s Setting + Movie B’s Plot good enough to count as ‘mashing up’ two movies? If so, would anyone want to play the oft-maligned Sheriff of Nottingham? Like my first idea, I’m not sure this’ll fit.

I chose The Lion King because it hasn’t (yet) been chosen, and I figured it might be a little lighter than my other choices. The most interesting match I could come up with was The Blues Brothers. These movies have a bit more in common than the other pairings. Simba returning home to reclaim his crown could be loosely correlated with Jake and Elwood’s “mission from God” – getting the band back together and reclaiming their proverbial crown.