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Review: Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine, September 2007

I wasted a fair amount of my youth reading science fiction. I had a voracious appetite for fiction of all sorts, but my science fiction was my soft spot. Once I hit high school and real life started catching up, that habit tapered off. I still have the occasional relapse, but nothing like the golden days of my youth, when I would eagerly await my trips to the library and each issue of Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (my primary drug of choice).

Given that background, I got excited when I saw that Fantasy & Science Fiction had forty copies of their September issue that they were going to give away to bloggers in exchange for a mention/review.

I requested a comp. copy for review, but unfortunately, their stock ran out well before me.

I think having this sort of outreach/marketing program is a good thing; there isn’t really a loser in the equation. So, in the interest of promoting the program and the magazine, I went out and purchased a copy for myself.

Over the next few days (as I finish reading each story), I will post a mini-review.

I would like to point out that I would be very willing to review anything (well, books, music, movies, software, etc) that someone would want me to review. If you are interested, just drop me an email.

I enjoyed the first story in the collection; a piece by Alexander Jablokov entitled “Wrong Number.” The story is a modern urban fantasy piece, with a subdued sense of the fantastic. No flashy magic here; just a dash of the fairy tale aesthetic.

I must confess, I have a weakness for this (sub)genre. This piece gave me (what will probably be) my favorite quote from this issue:

That was Marlene: a smart babe in a rubber dress with a genuine talent for mechanized warfare.

Stephanie, a friend of Marlene, struggles with a curse placed on her by a guy she gave an incorrect phone number to several years in the past. Marlene brings her to a particular auto body shop whose proprietor has a knack for fixing things. Most of the action takes place in the body shop among the likeable employees. I felt that the ending was a little unclear; I had to read it a few times to follow the plot. Overall, I enjoyed the story; a quick little read with fun characters.