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Progress, Notes, and Other Miscellany

I enjoyed taking a break from the computer over the weekend. Despite the lack of the digital crutch, I managed to keep up with the 100words project. I didn’t write anything that I think should be a post – yet – but I wanted to briefly look at what I was thinking about.

I spent a lot of time thinking about programming over the weekend; mostly about projects to tackle next. I took two different routes; on Saturday, I started outline a privateer-esque trading game for the iPhone. The game would be a space-based ‘hex-crawl’ with an emphasis on trading to accomplish goals. This could be a fun, not too graphically intense introduction to iPhone game programming. On Sunday, I wrote some ideas for Mac utilities. Basically, I wrote down the “can’t live without” PC tools I use on a daily basis as a developer, and started thinking about how I would go about making a Mac version.

Last night, I changed the blog’s menu a bit. I created a separate page for both Appliance Adventures and Chaos Lords. The pages need to be fleshed out more, and I need to find a way to associate the related tag to those pages, but frankly, the six hour drive through rain, sleet, and snow drained me of most of my energy for the day.