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(Anti-) Social Bookmarking

I never had a account. I guess the urge to create one never survived long enough to make it through signing up for a Yahoo account.* Today I got the urge to find some way to share links from this site. Preferably something hassle free, customizable, and low maintenance.

I’m not sure I found the best way, but I’ve found a way. I created a new subdomain, running an instance of Scuttle. I just stumbled upon Scuttle today; it looks slick – basically an open source clone. Scuttle creates an RSS feed of every user’s links, which WordPress will happily display.

I have a few issues with Scuttle, but I’ll give it a shot to see if it does what I need. If not, I’ll make the necessary changes, or find something that works better. One of those issues is that it doesn’t offer any ability to lock it down – anyone can register to share links, which isn’t what I intended to use it for. I won’t discourage anyone from using it, but I will lock it down if it starts to get spammy. Secondly, it really is overkill to run a social bookmarking site to generate a RSS feed of links.

Funnily enough, I don’t have any super amazing links to share right now, I just wanted to have the capability in place. Under the “Recent Links” heading to the right I have a few links I like, but these were added mostly to give me some content to work with.

* Semi-related fact: I’m sort of an email address elitist. If an address space is so crowded that I can’t come up with something relevant, short, and number-free I look elsewhere.