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Movies, Links, and a Splash of Color

My wife and I watched The Social Network last night. We both enjoyed the word play and generally liked it, but I gotta say that it made me want to build something. After the movie, I got back to work on this site and made a few changes.

First of all, I got the Scuttle RSS feed from working. The more I think about it, the more I think Scuttle is overkill. What I really need is a WordPress plugin/theme combination that makes link posting easy and different from a standard post. I’ll start searching, but if anyone has a preferred solution, I’m all ears.

Secondly, I added a splash of color to the header. I’ve wanted to resurrect the gaudy colors I used to use on this site for a while, but I didn’t want them to be quite so potent. I think that bit in the header works well. I’m not done customizing the theme, but I think that is a good first step in differentiating the site from the standard Thematic look.