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(March) Ever Forward

I’ve enjoyed writing in a notebook for the past week or so. It has taken me a bit to get beyond just writing task lists and one-liner ideas, but I’m slowly expanding the entries. I wanted to discuss some notes I made a few days ago regarding my goals for the next 24 Hour RPG.

Both of my previous (mostly) complete games were very simple mechanic and story-wise. They had one core mechanic that was applied to most situations, and a short play arc. I’d like to mix it up for this game. I would like to create a more ‘traditional’ long-form RPG, with multiple (or at least more complex) mechanics. If possible, I’d like to work in a card mechanic – maybe even an Arbitrary Card Mechanic, if I can.

I think Arbitrary could make for a very interesting mechanic – as the deck gets built out, we see where the players want to take things, and the themes would repeat over time. I suggested this mechanic to another game developer here during Game Chef 2010.

Of course, this is pretty ambitious for a 24 Hour RPG, but I may just use the contest as a starting point / catalyst to get things in motion.

I’m taking a wait and see approach to choosing the movies I want to use – I figure it may be a few weeks still before I will get a free weekend, and I don’t want to come up with another idea only to have it fleshed out by someone else before I get a chance to do it.