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Run for your life…

The past few days, I’ve felt a bit unproductive at work; not because I wasn’t getting things done, but because I wasn’t getting things done – as in ‘off my plate for the foreseeable future’ done. I decided that I was going to make significant progress on one thing today. If possible, I’d finish it.

It went reasonably well. My sprinting legs were rusty; I only made it until 2:00 or so (I didn’t expect to make it the whole day, with my distraction rich work environment). Despite that, I accomplished something and I had a working draft product to show for my effort. In the scheme of things, this was definitely a minor win, but these little victories can be great morale boosters.

I need to set aside some time to reorganize my work task list a bit. It’s the scary type right now – not terribly long, but full of very large projects. To put it into GTD terms (gah!), I need to do a better job of defining my next actions and breaking my tasks down into more manageable bites.