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Optimus V Battery Drain Quirk

I’m still getting used to my Optimus, but I must say that the experience has been mostly positive. Since getting the phone, I’ve been plagued by an occasional extremely short battery life – like five hours to go from a full charge, to a dead battery. I though I had the problem cleared up after I rooted it , but the next day it re-appeared.

Turns out that this is a fairly common issue with several Android devices. If you are experiencing a shorter than expected battery life check the Battery Use of the Cell Standby Component (Settings/About Phone/Battery Use/Cell Standby) if it reads 50%, then you’ve got the bug. To fix it, put your device into Airplane mode (via the power button), and then immediately take it out of that mode. This blog describes a much longer process that I found unnecessary. If I do this whenever I restart the device, it does not exhibit this issue.