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The Apps I Use On The LG Optimus V: Music and Media

It’s been a month and a half since I first rooted my Optimus V. As I’ve gotten more comfortable with the device, the software I use daily has changed a bit, so I figured I would run through my current set up.

First, I’ve stopped using nearly all of the optimization software I installed shortly rooting the device. No more ATK, CacheMate, CPU Tuner, etc – I don’t see a noticeable performance or battery difference with them enabled, so I disabled them. The way I see it, the fewer fiddly software bits necessary, the better. The original reason I installed this software was to try to increase the terrible battery life of the phone. Nearly all the problems I was having with the battery were due to the battery quirk I mentioned previously.

The software I wanted to mention today is more standard fare – it’s the stuff I use on a daily basis.
Music and Podcasts
One of the main reasons I switched from the LG300 I used to use was to stop carrying around my sim-less iPhone as a media player. I work in a cubefarm, and I usually need the music or podcasts to drown out the ambient noise. My ‘workflow’ for media consists of three applications:

  • MyPod – The UI is in dire need of a once over by a user interaction designer, but MyPod is a very full-featured podcast downloader. This is actually the first application I bought from the Android Market.
  • WinAmp – I’m excited to see that this product lives on. I loved WinAmp on my PC back in college (almost a decade ago!) and Nullsoft still makes a decent media player. The primary reason I use WinAmp over the default media player is their lockscreen player controls. These are vital in a work environment with numerous interruptions.
  • Amazon MP3 – Until Amazon unveiled their Cloud Music Player this app was languishing unused on my phone. Now, it’s basically my stand-in for iTunes. I’ve been slowly uploading my music collection from my Mac to my Cloud Drive and using the Amazon MP3 app to download albums I want to listen to directly to my device.

It’s strange how liberating it feels to not have to (micro)manage iTunes to get the media I want on my phone.