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Cool Little Projects

Like a lot of folks, I’m pretty good at coming up with ideas for ‘cool little projects’. Not revolutionary business ideas or incredibly complex applications, but little things that I think I could leverage to learn a new skill, pad a resume, or (re)establish connections. Also like a lot of folks, I’m terrible at actually following through with these projects. I want to remedy this situation.

So, here’s the plan:

1) Publicize
At least once per week, I will be posting one of these ‘Cool Little Projects’ (CLPs from now on). The amount of detail will vary, but the core of the thing should be basically complete (or as complete as it is in my head). These are all things that I’ve thought about doing or started doing and sidelined.

2) Progress
If I decide to take action on one of the projects, I will post that progress here. If someone else takes action on one of these and want me to publicize it, I’ll be happy to. Progress may be as large as actually writing code or content, or as small as new thoughts or ideas on how it should or could work.

3) Blanket Appeal for Help
If any of these projects interest you, send me a note via email, Twitter or leave a comment. I want to stop hoarding these ideas. Do you want to run with one? You have my blessing, just please give me a heads up. Want to partner in some fashion to work on one? I’d be up for that as well. Have something you think would be an interesting addition or hack to the idea? Throw it out there.

Why am I doing this? There are a few reasons:

1) Exorcise the Demons
These things are churning around in my head, providing inopportune distractions when I need to buckle down on something. They are also very much at odds – just as I decide to start investigating one I find that another starts to be more interesting. Its a vicious cycle.

2) Public Scrutiny
The easiest way to figure out if an idea is terrible is to try and explain it to someone else. I certainly don’t want to waste my time thinking about something that when I get it on paper, is completely ridiculous. On the other side, what I find to be a dog someone else may find truly inspirational.

Let me know what you think.