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Podcasts I’m Listening To

I’m a podcast listening fiend. I was writing an email to give a few suggestions to a friend and realized that I might as well just put ‘em up here.

The No Agenda Show
The self-proclaimed ‘Best Podcast In The Universe’ – and I agree with that assessment. It is a delightful mix of politics, media deconstruction, and conspiracy theories. A must listen for me, but can be bit difficult to get into.

Jim Harold’s Campfire
Stories of the paranormal told by the people who experienced them. Jim is a good host and the content can be genuinely creepy on occasion.

The Paranormal Podcast
An interview show by Jim Harold (of the Campfire). A good interview show, I find it to be hit or miss depending on the topic covered.

Roderick On The Line
I don’t know what to say about this one, other than it is worth going back to the beginning of the series. Topics range from Hitler, hitchhiking across Eastern Europe, music, and dead rubber girls. Usually very funny.

Star Trek: Outpost
A Star Trek radio serial set in the DS9 era. Some episodes and actors are better than others, but the quality is very high, given that it is a free, fan created show.

NPR: All Songs Considered
A good music podcast focusing on the new stuff that has come out recently, or will be out soon. Occasionally, they do shows around a particular topic/genre/artist, which are particularly good.

NPR: Live In Concert
Usually this feed sits dormant for me, but sometimes they blow me away with phenomenal concerts. I’m particularly interested in festival coverage. The coverage for Newport Folk Festival (going on now) and SXSW are not to missed.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it is a good start.

As far as software goes, I listen to everything from my Android phone. I’m currently using BeyondPod as my player of choice.