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F&SF Mini-Review: Postscript

Kevin Haw, the author of Requirements for the Mythology Merit Badge, commented on this post*; he made a few points which I figured I would reiterate here. Also, reading over my coverage, I realized I missed a few things.

I didn’t notice it at first, but there is a serious lack of ads in the magazine. I counted about a dozen pages with ads on them, and that includes the backcover, the classifieds (easter egg and all), and the ads for the magazine (website, order form, etc). The ads that are present are all relevant; they all appear to be for books.

The editorial content in the magazine is pretty good. I remember I used to always find the “Curiosities” column on the back page interesting, and this one was no different. As someone who hasn’t picked up a sci-fi or fantasy novel in quite a while, the book reviews were interesting, if not terribly useful. I would suspect that I am in the minority in that case. The film column started out as a diatribe against the Hollywood treatment of sci-fi (which I typically agree with) and jumped into a few reviews. Again, it was fairly interesting, but I didn’t find it very useful.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading and reviewing this issue; I’ve gotten the next issue already, and I will be publishing reviews of it over the next few weeks.

*Very cool. This blog has seemed more an echo-chamber than a public forum. Any feedback is cool, but to receive it from an author whose work you just read is a amazing feeling.