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Playing God-Wiki style

Just saw this link on BoingBoing. Galaxiki is a collaborative fictional galaxy. A randomly generated galaxy to serve as a canvas for story creation? How cool is that? I haven’t yet created an account, but I have done a little exploring, and I like what I see. The site gives lots of crunchy data on each solar system and planet.

You can buy a system for a donation of at least $6, but it is free to explore and work with the community solar systems.

When I was younger, (about 8 years ago, I believe) I was a big fan of Last Unicorn Games’ Star Trek RPG. I don’t believe I ever played a campaign longer than a few games, but I had a wonderful time crafting settings and scenarios. I probably still have some of my solar systems sitting around. I might have to dig ‘em out and see if I can find any analogs to these randomly generated systems.