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I heard about this cool project on an ITConversations podcast (this one): LibriVox
The idea is a simple one: collaboratively create audio books from texts in the public domain. I love this idea for two reasons.

  • I dig audiobooks. I play more podcasts and audiobooks on my mp3 player than I do music.
  • I’ve been interested in trying my hand at recording and editing audio, but I don’t have much that I would like to say. This project can give me some scripts to cut my teeth on.

I’ve signed up to do a couple of sections of Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases by Grenville Kleiser. Not exactly an audiobook many (or any) will sit down to listen to, but a good way to get the equipment calibrated and tested before sinking a serious time investment into (mis-)recording your favorite old book.

If you enjoy audiobooks, I suggest you check out the catalog. As with any bazaar-style project, quality can vary, but over-all, it seems pretty good. You can find me at the site under the username CandiedBrain.