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Mac 2.0, or Mourning the Lost

Over the past few days, I have been receiving my new computer, piecemeal.

I loved my laptop, a 1.0 GHz iBook, but it was time to move on. A couple of factors spurred the purchase:

  • My younger brother just started college, and needed (read: wanted) a swank laptop on the cheap.
  • I’ve felt a little constrained with the smallish 14″ laptop display

Neither of these alone would have caused me to get rid of the machine, but together, I thought they made a decent enough argument.

So, what did I get?  After much deliberation, I ended up with a Mac Mini and decent 22″ Acer widescreen monitor. I loved the laptop form factor; but I felt that I really wasn’t served by either of the two Apple offerings. The MacBook wouldn’t have helped the claustrophobic display, and the MacBook Pro was a little out of my price range. Why didn’t I look at Windows (or Linux) machines? As a software engineer, I deal with a Windows box at work every day. I sort of like the dichotomy. It makes the mental switch from work mode to !work mode that much easier.

On the other hand, I feel that I usually spend far too much time on the computer. For me, the portability of the laptop was also a mark against it. If I have the computer in another room of the apartment, I am less likely to spend inordinate amounts of time doing nothing on it.

So far, I like the machine. I went with the 2.0 GHz model, stock, except for doubling the RAM. It runs nicely. The monitor I went with was the Acer AL2216Wbd. I can’t complain much about it; it looks nice, a very crisp picture. One problem; I’ve got one dead (missing) pixel. It doesn’t really interfere with anything, but it is pretty easy to see.  Next time, I’ll go with a manufacturer with a more consumer friendly dead pixel policy. For my keyboard, I went with the new style Mac keyboard. Very nice and easy to type on. Reminds quite a bit of the iBook’s keyboard, only more spacious. As for the mouse, just a vanilla $15.00 Logitech. I tried to like the Mighty Mouse, but I just couldn’t get a feel for it.

Anyway, I expect to put out a podcast this Saturday like normal, but it may be a little later than normal if I have unexpected difficulties.