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Rooting the LG Optimus V from a Mac

I gained root access on my Optimus V last night, and I wanted to share the resources that I used. There is plenty of information out there on how to do it (even from a Mac), but much of it is squirreled away among forum posts.

Like most of the posts on this topic will say – I’m not responsible for anything bad happening to your phone. This is the process that I followed, but there is no guarantee that it will work for you.

I got a good overview of the process from this post: Using a Mac to Root the LG Optimus S.

The exploit I used was rageagainstthecage.apk, which I pulled from here (along with su and busybox: [How-To] Root LG Optimus S.

I sort of sanity checked that process against the one here:[How-To] Root the LG Optimus V. That post is informative, but reliant on SuperOneClick, a Windows program that simplifies the process.

I was surprised how easy it was to root the device. After I figured out exactly what I wanted to do, it didn’t take more than 10 minutes.

The reason I jailbroke rooted (still thinking like an iPhone user) my Android phone is simple: the battery is terrible. My LG300C spoiled me: I got used to getting a week’s worth of use out of a single charge (I’m not a big talker). Even my iPhone with a two or three day lifespan wasn’t bad. The first few days, I was getting less than ten hours on a charge, which I think is pretty ridiculous. To improve battery life, I’ve installed a few apps:

I chose these applications based on recommendations from here and here (second post). I’m still tweaking the settings, but I easily get 15 – 16 hours out of a charge now, and I don’t notice any loss of performance.

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All Quiet on the Blog Front…

Looking back at the calendar widget in the sidebar, I see that my posting to this site has been dwindling over the last month. I figure I speak for everyone when I say that’s a good thing. I don’t have that much interesting to say on a daily basis. This blog was a good way for me to get into the habit of doing something every day, but I want my something to move beyond the inane little blog posts that I posted most of January (and this post). I know I’ve said this before, but I need to start working on the quality of what I do, now that I’ve got the quantity of the habit pretty well ingrained in my daily routine.

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New phone, new adventure

I bought a new phone today. For the past year or so, I’ve used an LG300G (NET10 prepaid) as my cell phone. That phone was not pretty, but it worked decently, and it was cheap ($15 per month, based on my usage). Prior to that, I was an iPhone user (very pretty, but certainly not cheap). I still use the iPhone as an MP3 player and social media device, but I was hankering to get another smart phone.

I really did not like the idea of getting into another overpriced two year contract, so I switched to Virgin Mobile, and picked up the LG Optimus V. This is really the first time I’ve played with an Android device (beyond mining it via the simulator for UI concepts at my day job); the OS is slick, but this is clearly an entry-level smart phone. The display pales in comparison to my first generation iPhone and it has a resistive touchscreen (honestly, I didn’t even think to check the touchscreen type before I bought it – that’s how out of touch with the phone market I am). The plan I’m on seems like a crazy good deal – 300 minutes of talk time and unlimited data and texts for $25, but I’ll have to see how it goes. Virgin Mobile uses the Sprint network, which has decent (but not great) coverage in my area.

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Weekend Diversion…

If you pay attention to the links over on the side (now that I’ve started using them), you’d see where my interest was this weekend. I spent several hours playing with the Corona SDK for iPhone/Android application development. I’m not familiar with Lua, the language behind Corona, but it seems like a fairly elegant language. More importantly though, I am shocked (in a good way) by the sheer amount of community support there is around Corona. Several sample games and quality tutorials make this look like the place to be with regards to mobile development.

I’ve looked at Objective-C before, but it never caught my interest in quite this way. I’ve started working on a simple game (a Missile Command-esque game) to see if I want to pursue this further.

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Run for your life…

The past few days, I’ve felt a bit unproductive at work; not because I wasn’t getting things done, but because I wasn’t getting things done – as in ‘off my plate for the foreseeable future’ done. I decided that I was going to make significant progress on one thing today. If possible, I’d finish it.

It went reasonably well. My sprinting legs were rusty; I only made it until 2:00 or so (I didn’t expect to make it the whole day, with my distraction rich work environment). Despite that, I accomplished something and I had a working draft product to show for my effort. In the scheme of things, this was definitely a minor win, but these little victories can be great morale boosters.

I need to set aside some time to reorganize my work task list a bit. It’s the scary type right now – not terribly long, but full of very large projects. To put it into GTD terms (gah!), I need to do a better job of defining my next actions and breaking my tasks down into more manageable bites.

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