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Possible Game Idea for Movie Mashup Competition

I don’t want to go into great detail, as that would be in violation of the 24 Hour nature of the competition, but I wanted to toss a possible game idea out there. Basically, Blade Runner as the main ingredient, with the team approach of Ghostbusters and demonic possession like Evil Dead. It isn’t on […]

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Movies and Gaming

Over the weekend, I watched a few movies. I’m not usually a movie watcher, but like I said in a previous post, this was ‘research‘ for the 24 Hour Movie Mashup RPG Competition run over at 1km1kt. I wanted to watch a few that I hadn’t seen before (or in a long while) and put […]

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1km1kt 24 Hour RPG design Contest, Movie Mashup Edition

Here is the list of possible movies to mash up from the thread: 1. Ghostbusters 2. West Side Story 3. Aliens 4. The Lion King 5. Star Wars 6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show 7. Enter the Dragon 8. A Clockwork Orange 9. Beetle Juice 10. Back to the Future 11. Apocalypse Now 12. Blade […]

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