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It’s All About Iterating: Appliance Adventures 1.2

I’ve released Version 1.2 of Appliance Adventures into the wild. This is an evolutionary release – it incorporates feedback from the last playtest session into the document, as well as generally cleaning things up a bit. While I’m happy with the progress, Appliance Adventures is far from done. This is the first version that my […]

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The 24 Hour RPG Movie Mashup Competition starts now…

The official competition has begun – you have until June 1st, 2011 to get your entry in. The Honorable Dr. Lang gives the full run down here. I know I’ll be entering; it’s just a matter of finding a good weekend to stay up for 24 Hours straight. I’ve also updated the link to Appliance […]

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-100words and Mending the Chain

Version 1.2 of Appliance Adventures is coming along nicely. I’m not sure I’ve added a 100 new words to the manuscript, but I’ve removed at least that many that didn’t need to be there, so I’m saying mission accomplished, as far as that goes. I must say that it feels good to be working with […]

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Getting There: A Short Term Goal

The more I write here, the more I see the habits and tics that I perpetually fall into. I find myself over-promising, over-analyzing, and under-releasing. If Appliance Adventures was software, it would be suffering from some serious feature creep at this point. To counteract that bad habit, I’m giving myself a short term goal: Version […]

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Appliance Adventures Updates

I came away from the playtest session with a handful of suggestions on how to make the game play better. I want to walk down the list and describe what I am doing to improve each one. Limiting Soul Points to One Per Round This one is pretty straight-forward. In the roll resolution section, I […]

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