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Rewriting makes you stronger

I’ve spent the last month writing something for myself everyday, but most of it was not edited at all (or even reread, in some cases). Now that I’ve proven to myself that I can write daily, I need to start writing better everyday. I expect that my posts will get shorter for a little while […]

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Appliance Adventures Playtest #1 Notes

The Appliance Adventures playtest session went well yesterday evening. The comments were mostly positive; I received several points that should make the game better. The version I ran was very similar to the original version, one of the few mechanical changes was making the maximum Soul Points eight minus highest skill instead of five minus […]

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Preparations for Testing

Just printed out a few copies of the playtest version of Appliance Adventures. I’ve made a few revisions and gotten it ready to run tomorrow, assuming everything goes according to plan. After tomorrow’s test run, I’ll post a revised version. I don’t want to update the official PDF link yet, because this revision isn’t terribly […]

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Adventure and Encounter Design in Appliance Adventures

When I came up with the adventure and encounter system of Appliance Adventures, I was fascinated by the Skill Challenge mechanics from Dungeons & Dragons, Fourth Edition. I still think it is a very versatile construct; when I ran some D&D, I experimented with using the mechanism quite a bit. I even went so far […]

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Test, then Fix.

I think the work I’ve been doing on Appliance Adventures has been something of a rat hole. I’ve spent a couple hours now trying to fix a system that I don’t know is broken. In programming terms, I’ve been prematurely optimizing, and that is rarely a good thing. Before I go and overhaul the system, […]

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