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Opinions on Writing Documentation

I’ve been writing a lot of documentation recently; I know I’ve gotten more opinionated about the topic. Documentation is not one size fits all Ideally all the documentation should be great, but it needs to be most relevant for the target audience. Developers get irritated by missing details that, if included, would bore management or […]

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Working, I think…

I think I got the Scuttle RSS feed to work. I’m not sure exactly what was broken, but I’m leaning towards the WordPress RSS Widget. I replaced the standard RSS Widget with the Better RSS Widget, and it looks like it is working.

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Movies, Links, and a Splash of Color

My wife and I watched The Social Network last night. We both enjoyed the word play and generally liked it, but I gotta say that it made me want to build something. After the movie, I got back to work on this site and made a few changes. First of all, I got the Scuttle […]

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(Anti-) Social Bookmarking

I never had a account. I guess the urge to create one never survived long enough to make it through signing up for a Yahoo account.* Today I got the urge to find some way to share links from this site. Preferably something hassle free, customizable, and low maintenance. I’m not sure I found […]

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Progress, Notes, and Other Miscellany

I enjoyed taking a break from the computer over the weekend. Despite the lack of the digital crutch, I managed to keep up with the 100words project. I didn’t write anything that I think should be a post – yet – but I wanted to briefly look at what I was thinking about. I spent […]

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