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Too many plates == Procrastination

If you have been following this blog for the 19 days (it seems like it has been much longer, at least to me) then you have seen a pretty spastic array of posts. A little code, some brewing info, and two different (and very incomplete) games. Right now, I feel like I have too many […]

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Appliance Adventures Ramble #3

In the previous version of the game, Soul Points were the one and only currency the players had to work with. They worked as both hit points and fate points. Running out of them resulted in your appliance going dormant until it could be revived in a safe location. (As a side note: I kept […]

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Appliance Adventures Ramble #2

I wanted to discuss the Appliance Adventures system a bit today. As I mentioned before, I think the system in the original version of the game was far too random. Each round was all based on one roll of a d6, and your co-appliances’ assistance. I want to keep the emphasis on helping each other, […]

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Appliance Adventures Ramble #1

Sometimes I find that I do best to just write what I’m thinking about a topic, even it is only vaguely coherent. I’ll try to label those posts as rambles, so you can avoid ‘em if you don’t like them. Characters in Appliance Adventures can suffer from being very similar, beyond the obvious differences of […]

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