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Appliance Adventures Rework

I’ve had the hankering to rework Appliance Adventures for a while now. I didn’t have much that I wanted to write about this evening, so I figured I would rewrite and reorganize the introduction to the game a bit. I’m not abandoning Shard Wardens, but I think that idea needs some more time to evolve […]

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To Fae or not to Fae…

I’m not sure the Unformed King should be a Fae. I don’t know if the Fae are the correct source of antagonism for the game. The King should be a magical foe of some sort, he needs to have a kingdom, and he needs to have killed lots of crazy critters. Part of my concern […]

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Shard Warden setting impasse

I’m having some difficulty coming up with a (game-logic based) reasonable excuse for high school-age children to possess the shards, but the school drama approach is what drew me to this concept in the first place. Without that perspective, I feel this concept would fit in the old World of Darkness as Shard Wardens: The […]

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Thinking about a system for Shard Wardens

I’ve started brainstorming ideas for the system behind Shard Wardens. My first idea, based largely on the expected time crunch of the twenty-four hour deadline was a simple roll above target difficulty on 2D6, with attribute modifiers. The attributes would be a simple few: something like Mind, Body, and Soul/Spirit (like the Tri-Stat system of […]

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I enjoy writing, or at least I think I do. The problem is, I don’t take the time to just do it. That is the biggest reason I made my 100 words resolution. Another reason, though, is that I need a push to revise and rework the two games I’ve written Appliance Adventures and Chaos […]

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